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I teach men, women and couples the keys to confidence from the bedroom to the boardroom and inspire my clients to create their lives congruent with their deepest needs and desires.

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Sensuality & Intimacy Mentoring

In school, we are taught everything from basic academics to how to succeed professionally. Therefore it's not a surprise that most of us lack information and support when it comes to our sensuality and intimacy. This, and the fact that our culture considers these subjects taboo, make it important to find a mentor who will make you feel comfortable talking about the uncomfortable. That’s where I come in.

Deep Dive Private Immersions

Achieve profound breakthroughs in a private immersion with me (available for couples and singles). This custom-designed experience will help you release what has not worked in the past, look at what has worked, and support you in designing a life better than you could’ve imagined— especially in the realm of your intimate relationships.


Traditional relationship counseling has its place, particularly when dealing with childhood wounds. However, when it comes to intimacy in the bedroom, it is difficult to break patterns with talk alone. My work is more than just giving advice— it’s a revolutionary, experiential way to catalyze change and growth in your relationship and intimacy with your partner. Given that the largest turn-on is the brain, I emphasize deliberate communication techniques that take your relationships to the next level.

Personal Style Makeover

Whether you’ve just divorced, are an empty-nester, lost a bunch of weight, changed professions, or are going through any other big lifestyle transition, chances are you need a new look congruent to who you have become. For decades, I have helped hundreds of men and women look their best through style design, closet audits, grooming updates and personal shopping.


Just like you, I have a story of how I got here

Karen Solomon is the author of Sexy, Sassy & Starting Over; Recipes for a Sweet & Savory Life After Divorce. As a speaker and a coach, she delivers keys to confidence from the bedroom to the boardroom. She's bold, wild and inspires women to be their truest selves. Karen immediately captures her audiences with her warm and humored-filled presentations. She integrates a solid foundation as an educator with more than two decades of style and relationship coaching. Karen's passion, insight and genuine desire to serve, combined with her ease of connecting leave audience members laughing and loving themselves.

Karen's academic and experiential background combined with years of personal development, her long term successful marriage and amicable divorce have prepared her to assist others in navigating life transitions. A grateful breast cancer survivor, she advocates for women going through similar journeys. Her signature seminar, Men, Sex & Money®, along with her coaching practice, combine to offer real solutions to creating an irresistible next chapter filled with clarity and pleasure. Her presentations result in practical, long-lasting tools to upgrade life and relationships.


Sexy, Sassy and Starting Over - Available Now!

Sexy, Sassy, and Starting Over! provides concise directions to a better, more romantic, fulfilling life after divorce. This relationship cookbook holds the ingredients to a bolder, sweet and savory life. Come to this ‘dinner party’ and find yourself whisked to a delicious place where balance, love, and passion returns to the menu. Here you will find tasty honest love and simply scrumptious recipes for making quick change after divorce. Karen prepares a quick read that brings the flavors of relationship success in a single sitting. If you’re looking for the ingredients and recipe to decorate your life with invigorated direction, passion, and fresh honest relationships – this is your book.


Authentic, genuine client feedback

Daniel Greenberg. Ph.D.

Executive Director - Living Routes

“Karen coached me in my role as Executive Director of Living Routes for several years. Because we’re located in Massachusetts and Karen is in the Bay Area, we worked primarily on the phone twice a month. In addition to talking about my business responsibilities, Karen coached me on other aspects of my life as well. Karen coaches from her whole self and brings forth authentic growth in others. She is passionate, proactive, and positive. Whether you are exploring intimacy, health issues, or your image in the world, Karen' eclectic wisdom and experience is sure to help you succeed in your life intentions.”

Kyle Matthews

Independent Writer

“The combination of instant friendship and practical teaching makes Karen a wonderful guide, coach… actually, I’m not sure what to call her. I am sure, however, of my gratitude to her. The months I’ve spent working with Karen have shifted stuck energies and bottled up emotions while transforming dead attitudes of myself that were taking up valuable space in my life for the past decade, perhaps longer. Another thing that can be said about Karen: transparency and openness come to her without any effort. She is very good with people perhaps because she is so good with herself. She’s a good coach and she will supply you with useful tools, but she’s also big-hearted, courteous, and caring. I am so thankful to her and would like to recommend her one hundred percent to anyone, man or woman, wanting to connect faster, better and more directly with other people.”

Michelle & Rob

Retired in Baja, California

“When my husband and I first got together almost a decade ago, I had two teenagers that weren't happy about him and thus were disrespectful causing stress in our relationship. Karen taught us several communication tools that helped us as a new blended family. Now my kids are thriving out on their own and we continue to use the tools Karen taught us which serves us to endlessly deepen our relationship. So grateful!"

Will & Maria

IT & Cosmotology

“When our marriage was suffering from a lack of connection, intimacy, and a lot of fighting and frustration between us, Karen helped us develop techniques and practices to reconnect, hear each other and be heard, and discover ways to rekindle our intimacy. She helped us to “complete” on our past issues, using several very powerful processes making it possible for us to get present with one another in a way we hadn’t been in ages. Marriage is hard work, and my wife and I are very different people from very different backgrounds; like any pair of connected humans, we don’t always agree. However, thanks to our work with Karen, we have powerful tools that help us to get past bitterness, defensiveness and resentment, and move forward with loving, careful, kind communication.”


IT & Cosmotology

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